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Should I seal my Western Red Cedar Furniture?
If so, what do you recommend?

These are the most asked questions that we
receive. All the furniture we currently sell online
are shipped to you unfinished. They are sanded
smooth and all the edges are rounded over. So,
now I ask you do you like the colors of the cedar
as it is now? If so, we would recommend you
seal it immediately with an outdoor sealer that
has UV inhibitors in it (some color) to prevent
the sun from fading it. If properly sealed your
furniture will last 35+ years.

e Recommend
-Rymar Xtreme Weather Wood Sealer, #7625
Natural Cedar Honey Oil Based available at most
Sherwin Williams Stores.
-Sikkens Cetol 1 or SRD Products

I like the natural patina grey look,
how do I get it to look like that?
Just leave your furniture alone and it will weather
to a beautiful patina grey in just a few months.
While rustic in appearance, you may reduce the
life span of your furniture left unfinished, but
should still get 20+ years. If you prefer the
patina look, our suggestion is to let it weather
to the color you like then apply a clear water seal
to the surface. Although western red cedar is a
naturally durable, leaving it untreated is not
recommended for outdoor furniture just from
the surface smoothness standpoint. Remember,
applying a finish or protective coating will greatly
increase its service life.

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Western Red Cedar grows in coastal
forests from British Columbia Canada,
to California, along rugged mountains.
It is a wood of exceptional beauty with
warm mellow tones ranging from light
amber to deep honey brown. It also has
an aromatic fragrance unlike any other

Western Red Cedar contains natural
oils that act as preservatives to help
the wood resist insect attack and
decay. It is not uncommon for
Western Red Cedar furniture to last
30-40 years with minimal maintenance.

Western Red Cedar Cross Section

Because of regional differences in soil and
climate conditions, Western Red Cedar can
have varying characteristics. This is
important to know when choosing products
made from Western Red Cedar.

The large old-growth trees found in British
Columbia yield clear heart-wood, which is
used to make clear bevel siding - the most
prized, (and the most costly), Cedar product.
But, these trees also have a high amount of
shake, rot, splits and large knots.

Young-growth Cedar, found mostly in
Washington State, has less clear heart-wood,
but contains more material suitable for tight
knot sidings. It has a lighter, more uniform
color than old-growth Cedar and its knots are
small and inter-grown with the surrounding
wood. Young-growth cedar has the added
advantage of being renewable. Western Red
Cedar is one of North America's great
renewable resources.

Slow growing and naturally durable, Western
Red Cedar has one of the longest lifespans of
any North American softwood. It produces
long lengths of timber with true, straight grain.

-It is free from pitch and its heartwood has
natural decay resistance.

-Its low density gives it an insulation value
superior to most other species.

-Light weight, easy to work, easy to finish,
possessing outstanding dimensional stability,
Western Red Cedar is a preferred wood for
nearly all purposes where attractive
appearance or resistance to weather is important.

Physical Properties


One of the lightest commercial softwoods, the
density of Western Red Cedar at 12% moisture
content is approximately 23 pounds per cubic foot
with a relative density (specific gravity) of 0.34.
The density of oven-dry material is 21 pounds per
cubic foot.

Dimensional Stability

Like all woods, Western Red Cedar is hygroscopic
and will absorb or discharge moisture to attain
equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere.
However, it has a very low shrinkage factor and
is superior to all other coniferous woods in its
resistance to warping, twisting and checking.


Historically, native peoples of the Pacific coast
prized cedar for its long lasting qualities and used
wood and bark from cedar trees for most of their
building needs. Evidence of cedar's durability are
the many cedar artifacts still in good condition
today. Properly finished and maintained, cedar
will deliver decades of trouble-free service. If
exposed for prolonged periods to conditions where
decay could be a factor, such as where the wood is
in contact with the ground, cedar should be treated
with suitable wood preservatives.


Western Red Cedar has good fastening properties.
Nails and screws used to fasten Western Red
Cedar should be about one-third longer than
those used to fasten hardwood species. Because
it is free of pitch and resin, Western Red Cedar
has excellent gluing properties, comparable to
those, for example, of old growth Redwood and
American Chestnut. It works well with a wide
range of adhesives.


With its straight grain and uniform texture,
Western Red Cedar is among the easiest and
most rewarding woods to work with. It takes a
fine finish in all hand and machine operations,
takes fasteners without splitting and is easily
sawn and nailed. When working with Western
Red Cedar, sharp cutters are recommended.


This article is from Best

Backyard Gear by Nate

Best Wood Picnic Tables:

Round or Octagonal

1. Western Red Cedar 61″ Octagon

Top Picnic Table w/Easy Seating

  • Company: Dan’s Outdoor Furniture Mfg. Co.
  • Rating: 5 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$$$

If you’re looking for an octagonal wood picnic
table, this one is a fantastic choice! Although
the price is not cheap, we believe it’s worth the
investment due to it’s beauty and fine
craftsmanship. It’s no slap-together, flimsy
piece that’ll snap or fall apart on you, that’s for

This table has a pre-cut umbrella hole and 4
seats that each will comfortably sit 2 adults. We
love the shape of the table benches – the
openings allow for easy seating, with no need to
climb over the bench to get in and out. With only
5 points in total touching the ground, you’ll find it
fairly easy to mow around too, if it’s set up on
your lawn.

Dan’s Manufacturing has been in business for
over 33 years now, and ships to 47 states.
According to their website, this is their best
selling wood picnic table. It’s hand-made in their
warehouse, and like all their products, is stunning!

Material: Western Red Cedar – which is naturally
insect and rot resistant. The lumber is milled,
sanded, and the edges are nicely rounded. The
planks (milled completely from 2x6s) have
beautiful variations in the color tones, which adds
to the look, we think!

Size: 88″ L x 88″ W x 30″ H (table top is 61″
across), seats 8 adults

Assembly: This octagonal picnic table comes
partially assembled. Check out this video to watch
Dan and his employees complete the assembly of
one of the tables, the same way you would.
Doesn’t look all that difficult at all! It takes his guys
19 minutes, and he expects it would take you
approximately 40. (By the way – can you just
imagine how GREAT it would smell in that big
warehouse full of cedar? Cedar smells fabulous!)